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April 23, 2015
With climbing temperatures and sunny days already upon us, summer is right around the corner. In order to cool off, people and pets alike can be found jumping into pools, lakes and oceans. Swimming is great exercise for pets – it’s something that we highly recommend especially for furry friends with arthritis or joint issues, as it doesn’t require weight bearing. It’s important to be aware that even the most adept and enthusiastic of swimmers can run into problems – here we review the most important things to be aware of when swimming. Read More

July 30, 2014
Vaccines--something all pet owners are familiar with. Vaccines are important because they protect our beloved best friends form some brutal, debilitating and sometimes fatal diseases such as distemper, parvo, feline leukemia, and of course rabies. Not only do vaccines help protect your pet’s life but in a sense, they save you money too. If an unvaccinated pet becomes infected treatment usually involves aggressive therapies and prolonged hospitalization and costs add up quickly. When it is time to vaccinate your pet you have a choice. Read More

August 25, 2014
Does your pet eat things that they shouldn’t? If your pet loves to explore the world by putting it in their mouth, then this article is for you. If your pet has ingested something, such as a sock, we call it a foreign body—something that is sitting in their stomach or intestines that should not be there.

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June 26, 2014
Thanks to San Ramon Mayor Bill Clarkson a family has been reunited with their cat at Bishop Ranch Veterinary Center & Urgent Care after two years apart. Read More

August 15, 2014
“I treasure the opportunity to affect the lives of others in both large and small ways. Whether it is a puppy or a kitten coming in for a first exam, an owner whose pet has a complicated medical problem, or difficult end of life decisions, veterinary medicine gives me many opportunities to touch the lives of both people and pets on various levels. It is the most satisfying work I can imagine.” –Dr. Sagy Read More

November 21, 2013
We are lucky to live in a climate with mild winters. We are also lucky to live close to so many different terrains – deserts, beaches, and the mountains! Because many families travel with their pets to snowy places like Tahoe, I have included some extreme weather tips in this article. Hopefully with a little planning and precaution, your pet stays warm, happy and healthy this winter. Read More

June 23, 2014
Do you love taking your dog with you hiking and camping? Well then this tip is for you! Poison Oak is widespread in Northern California and not only is it possible for you to get Poison Oak from your dog, it is pretty common too!

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January 24, 2016
It maybe "sweet" of you to buy your loved one some chocolate but keep it out of reach from your pet! Read More

May 30, 2014
Medicating your cat is usually a daunting propsal. When dealing with pills or tablets, you can often disguise the medication inside of a tasty treat (but even then our cats seem to know when a pill is hidden inside and will refuse the offering). Giving your cat an oral liquid medication can feel almost frightening to many cat owners - we know how much they can struggle when restrained and we hate to cause them any discomfort. The best thing to do is to remember this is truly for their own good and try the tips listed below to help make giving liquid medication to your cat as easy and stress free as possible! Read More

June 26, 2014
A number of things can cause cats to strain to urinate, however the most common cause is a disease called Feline Idiopathic Cystitis (also known as feline interstitial cystitis or FIC). FIC can be life-threatening (and if not caught early enough, fatal). Read More

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