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Blood Donor Barnacle by Erin Selby
February 1, 2015

This is Barnacle! He is smiling because he is about to donate blood to help save a fellow dog's life. This is not his first time donating so he isn't nervous at all; in fact he doesn't even need to be sedated.

Barnacle is patiently waiting while everyone around him prepares to collect his blood. He has a technician's comforting hands on him to help him feel secure; he loves all the extra scratches and belly rubs.

The technician is sterilizing the shaved patch of skin above Barnacle's jugular to prevent contamination. She does this right before placing the catheter to collect the blood.

Everyone is working together to help our heroic donor's procedure go as quickly and smoothly as possible!

Almost done, just a little bit more to go! Barnacle was very relaxed; he is an old pro at this.

All done! Thank you Barnacle- you're a hero!

We are always looking for volunteer blood donors here at Bishop Ranch Veterinary Center & Urgent Care. If you and your pet are interested in being part of our amazing Blood Donor Program or if you have any questions contact your veterinarian or email us at

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