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March BRVC Employee of the Month: Laurie Gibbs
March 1, 2015

 Our March Employee of the Month is Laurie Gibbs, from our BRVC Boarding Department. Her compassion and devotion to boarding pets is obvious to clients and everyone she works with. Laurie has a natural ability to connect with and comfort animals. She makes it her mission to know every little thing about our animal guests to ensure they have the best vacation possible! Her gentle nature, warmth and compassion inspire trust and confidence from her coworkers, our clients and their pets.

What her coworkers have to say…

“Laurie is one of the hardest working people I have ever met.  I arrive at 6:30 a.m. every morning and she's already here working in the cat ward.  What a nice way to start the day with Laurie's cheerful good morning greetings! She greets our clients with such sincere concern for their pets.  She calls them by name and remembers most. She knows which pet needs which shampoo, special feeding instructions, play time toys, etc.  She makes every client feel their pet is going to be treated like royalty.  One of the biggest gifts Laurie has is she's wonderful to everyone – coworkers and clients. What a gift we have in Laurie.”

 - Cindy, Client Service Representative


“It has been an absolute pleasure to grow with Laurie and our boarding pets side by side over the past four years. Laurie's compassion for pets is unmatched. She treats each one as if they are her own, remembering their names, their quirks and favorite things and knowing just how to comfort them when they are nervous leaving mom and dad (that is if they aren't jumping for joy at the sight of her!). She has a kind heart that could tame a grouchy Shepherd and a fiery determination that keeps her going through storming rain on a Christmas morning shift. I can always depend on Laurie to give 100% and contribute to the continual improvement of the boarding department. It's safe to say many smiles, purrs and sighs of relief are owed to this wonderful woman!”

Rachel, Boarding Coordinator


“Laurie is one of the most truly caring people I have ever had the honor to work with. You can just see the love she has for animals radiating out from her! She knows her boarding pets so well - even if she has just met them. She has the biggest heart and is so incredibly gentle and caring with the pets. It is always a pleasure to work with her. She exemplifies what BRVC is all about – compassion, dedication, and loving care to our animal patients and boarders.”

Cheri, Client Service Representative

How she came to BRVC…

Laurie grew up in St. Louis. She also spent time living in Chicago and New Jersey. Luckily for us she eventually made her way out to California and the Bay Area. She spent several years as an administrative assistant before becoming a stay-at-home mom to raise her two children.  She was very involved with her children’s elementary school heading up the Valley Christian lunch program for 9 years!  Laurie also coordinated the end-of-year Field Day for 3 years and was Room Mom every year as well!  When her children moved on from elementary school she turned her energies towards volunteering with Sonrise Equestrian Foundation.  She was a mentor and riding instructor and also headed up the Working Ranch division of the program.

It was her work with horses that led her to BRVC.  She was thinking of returning to work but wanted to continue working with animals. A friend from Sonrise also worked at BRVC and recommended that Laurie apply to the Boarding Department.  In October of 2010 she was officially part of the BRVC family.


What Laurie loves about working at BRVC…

Laurie has two favorite parts to her job:

“One is caring for the pets  making sure they receive the care that will make them as comfortable and happy as possible--cuddling with those that like it and playing with those that are more active.  And two is meeting and talking with the clients and learning about their pets—especially hearing anecdotes about their pets.”

About working in the Boarding Department Laurie says, “In the Boarding Department it is very important to work as a team; to share information about the pets we are caring for; and to share in the workload (it is a busy, physical job).  It is good to work with people who are compassionate and concerned for the welfare of the pets in our care.”

Congratulations Laurie and thank you for bringing your best each and every day. We’re sure all of our boarding pets thank you too!  

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