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Canine Influenza
April 16, 2015

You may have heard about the recent canine influenza outbreak in the Midwest on the news. We know many of our clients are worried and we wanted to address your concerns. Our doctors are monitoring the situation in the Midwest closely.

Currently, we recommend a canine influenza vaccine for any dog traveling to the Midwest.  We currently do not recommend vaccinating for canine influenza for the average dog. This is consistent with our philosophy of vaccinating dogs to what they are exposed to and not over vaccinating them. That being said if you are concerned, we do have the canine influenza vaccine available. The vaccine can only be administered after a complete physical exam by your veterinarian.

As we learn more information we will be sure to keep you informed. Our priority is to keep your pets healthy and safe!

Click here for information about the Canine Influenza outbreak from the CDC (Center of Disease Control). 

Here are some more links with informationfor pet owners regarding canine influenza that you may find helpful:

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