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May BRVC Employee of the Month: Stephanie Rodriguez
May 1, 2015

About Stephanie…

Stephanie joined BRVC in the summer of 2013. She had known since high school that she wanted to be a veterinarian and had been trying for years to obtain a job working in the veterinary field. She began applying to several veterinary hospitals but was starting to get discouraged when she did not hear back from them. By chance she came across a job listing for a place called BRVC. She applied and was called in for an interview.  We saw something special in the enthusiastic and determined young woman.  “I was so sure that I wasn't going to be hired because I had been rejected by so many other vet hospitals due to my lack of experience, but I decided to apply anyway. A week or so later, I was hired and I couldn't be happier or more grateful for BRVC taking a chance on me!”


Stephanie started out at BRVC as a Client Service Representative in the Reception. She quickly demonstrated her willingness to go above and beyond in all situations – whether it is helping a client and their pet or jumping in and assisting a team member who needs her help. She began to cross train in other departments in order to enhance her skills and broaden her knowledge of BRVC and hospital interconnectivity. Her next position was as an Exam Room Technician. She is the friendly face that greets clients and their pets in the lobby and leads them to the exam room. She takes the patient’s weight and temp and communicates to the doctor that their next appointment is ready. She also trained to be a Pharmacy Technician and started to fill prescriptions for patients. She is now utilized in all three of these positions which is a huge benefit to BRVC and a testament to Stephanie’s versatility and hard work.


Stephanie recently found out she has been accepted to both Humboldt and Chico University for the upcoming fall semester. We are so proud to see all of her hard work paying off! In her spare time she loves watching movies and considers herself a film buff. She has two cats and a dog and feels passionately about that classic icon of American cuisine – the cheeseburger.


What her coworkers have to say…

"Stephanie is very hard working; she never lets a job go undone. She strives to make sure that whatever she is doing is done to perfection.

She takes on tasks without questions or complaints. If you need a helping hand she is always there!! She puts others above herself and is always looking out for everyone she works with. I remember when she first started working here we had our annual Holiday Gift Exchange. Despite being so new to the team, Stephanie still managed to pick out the BEST personalized gift for each person. She enjoys making others laugh, she really loves to learn new things, and is always asking questions and looking for people to teach her new ways to grow. I can’t say enough good things about her - I am going to miss her a lot when she leaves for Chico!"

- Jacquelyn Hernandez, Exam Room Technician, Pharmacy Technician

"She has one of the best work ethics I have ever seen and is highly admired by her supervisors – she truly sets the bar for everyone around her. She is a very caring and compassionate person and our clients really pick up on this and appreciate having her by their side. Her attention to detail makes her a valuable pharmacy technician. Her contagious, quirky personality and passion for her job makes her a ton of fun to work with. We are so blessed to have Stephanie on our team!"

- Olivia Hernandez, Treatment Coordinator  


"What I admire so much about Stephanie is her willingness to help. She will always jump in to lend a helping hand without even being asked. She always works very efficiently and pays attention to detail to make sure things are done without any errors. No matter how busy it might be, she will always take time to complete tasks that might get overlooked. Stephanie has a quirky personality and is a lot of fun to work with, I always enjoy days that I'm able to work with her."

- Liza Galindo, Shift Lead


"Stephanie goes above and beyond!!! She doesn't stop and once she finishes what she needs to get done she helps everyone else. At the drop of a hat, if you need help she is on top of whatever it might be! I love working with Stephanie!"

- Samantha B., Exam Room Technician/Pharmacy Technician


"Stephanie is always such a joy to work with. She is such a dedicated hard worker and has such a positive attitude; I know I can always depend on her to get things done."

- Dr. Stefanie Wong


What Stephanie loves about working at BRVC…

Stephanie receives a deep satisfaction from being able to assist in helping clients and pets during emergency situations. Of these experiences and working at BRVC she says, “Although it is a scary and stressful event for everyone involved, being able to see my team really pull through and save an animal’s life is the most rewarding thing. I love being able to say that I am a part of one of the best veterinary hospitals in the area and that along with my coworkers and veterinarians we are able to make a difference in the lives of our clients and their beloved animals with the variety of services we offer all under one roof.”


BRVC is so proud to announce Stephanie Rodriguez as our May 2015 Employee of the Month! We are so lucky to have someone of her caliber contributing to the welfare of our patients and the positive experience of our clients. Congratulations Stephanie and thank you for all you do!

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