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August Employee of the Month: Helen
August 2, 2015

Many of our clients will recognize the smiling face and Boston accent of Helen Tarantino – our August Employee of the Month. She has been a fixture of the BRVC reception department for a decade now.  Helen's genuine compassion for animals and their people allow her to connect easily and instantly with our clients. For many people, Helen is an indispensable part of BRVC and helps make us a great hospital.

A Boston native, Helen was a stay at home mom raising her two children before starting at BRVC.  “I started here in 2005 after being a client. I noticed how fun it looked to work behind the reception desk.  I just happened to ask one day while on the phone with an employee if they were hiring and luckily they were!”

Helen has a special passion for Cavalier Spaniel Charles and is always excited to see one coming through the lobby doors. On her days off you can usually find her playing golf and bocce ball or visiting her family in Boston.

What her coworkers have to say…

"I have so enjoyed working with Helen for these past 10 years. Helen is one of the most thoughtful people that I know. She has a gift of being a good listener and is very compassionate. Her passion and love for animals is shown with every interaction. Helen has built wonderful relationships with so many clients as well as staff. It is a joy working with a person that always has such a positive attitude and a great sense of humor. She takes it like a champ when we tease about her Boston accent."- Cheri

"Helen is an absolute joy to work with. I have worked with Helen for the past 10 years and it as always been fun. She truly loves meeting our clients’ pets and she has such a special relationship with our clients."- Tiffany

"Helen is a fun person to work with, never a dull moment.  If there is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in the building you are sure to know where Helen is.  Love hearing her tales of her golf and bocce games and her tales of her visits to Massachusetts."- Patti

" Helen always has a smile and a laugh ready." - Cindy

“She is a person that unless you know her well would never guess her fun sense of humor. She can make you laugh with her honest. She is a very nice and compassionate person that you would enjoy working with. Reception is very lucky to have her." - Marcela

What Helen loves about BRVC…

“My favorite part of the job is truly the animals that I get to see and meet.  I was never aware of how much I love dogs till I got my first one; I thought I was a cat lady. I also enjoy working with the clients and my fellow employees.  I love to learn a lot of medical stuff so I tend to ask many questions about that.  I learn something new every day."

We are so proud to name Helen as our August Employee of the Month! BRVC would not be the same without her sly sense of humor, smiling face, and classic Boston accent!




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