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Dr. Vega: Highlighted Veterinarian of the Month
February 21, 2016

Coming back to BRVC was a true homecoming for Dr. Vega! He originally worked at BRVC as a technician supervisor while getting his veterinarian license. Dr. Vega worked closely with Dr. Utchen, Dr. Pogrel and Dr. Delano and is happy to be returning to work with his wonderful colleagues and clients.

The biggest joy of Dr. Vega's job is the daily interaction with pets and clients. Dr. Vega enjoys being a part of a team who supports each other and are willing to work together to resolve challenging patient cases.

Veterinary medicine has always been a passion of Dr. Vega. As a boy, he wanted to help and cure his pets and when they weren't well, he tried everything to make them feel better! It's important to Dr. Vega all pets live a happy and healthy life. When not at work, Dr. Vega enjoys spending time with his family, mountain biking and of course, taking care of his 2 dogs and 3 cats!

Schedule: ​Sunday through Wednesday

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