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Meet Keara Pixton! March Employee of the Month
March 14, 2016

We are proud to announce Keara Pixton as BRVC's March Employee of the Month.  Keara has been a part of the BRVC family for 1 1/2 years and counting.  She continues to grow with the company and improve her skills, making her one of our many highly talented technicians.  Keara's decision to become an RVT was made after shadowing her childhood veterinarian.  "After discovering the position of vet tech, I did some research about the job and education.  I realized this was the perfect career choice for me, because it would allow me to work closely with the animals I love, as well as learn about veterinary medicine, which I find fascinating".

After finishing Veterinary Technician School at Carrington College, Keara heard about BRVC from a fellow classmate and knew she needed to apply.  She admired BRVC's reputation for being a large and busy practice while providing the best medicine and urgent care services.  Once hired, Keara trained hard and continues to grow into a well-rounded technician.  She is always attentive to her patients and ensures they receive the best care.  Her peaceful and sweet demeanor helps to keep the pets calm.  She keeps others in mind and embodies the "play fair" attitude, making her easy to get along with and an asset to the BRVC family.  "I love working at BRVC for many reasons.  The fast pace, while sometimes stressful, ensures that every single work day is interesting and exciting... The doctors are an endless source of information, and always welcome my numerous questions... I've learned such an incredible amount from my fellow techs, the doctors, and just from experience.  Although I still have tons to learn, BRVC has definitely shaped me into the technician I am today, and I appreciate it so much..."

A Bay Area native, Keara was always fascinated with animals and nature.  In her spare time Keara likes scuba diving, camping, playing with her dogs, and going to the occasional concert.  She also enjoys hiking, while looking for critters to photograph.  "I absolutely love finding and photographing local wildlife and anything to do with nature".

Thanks for sharing your many talents with us at BRVC, Keara.  Congratulations on being March Employee of the Month!

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