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Meet Marcela Gozon! April Employee of the Month
April 4, 2016

We have the pleasure of announcing Marcela Gozon as BRVC's Employee of the Month for April.  Marcela has been a part of the BRVC family for over 9 years.  In fact, her 10 year anniversary with BRVC will be on August 26th!  We couldn't be more lucky and appreciative of having such a remarkable person on our team providing a decade of extraordinary customer service to our clients.  Marcela is a very dedicated individual who feels very strongly about the human-animal bond.  "I enjoy following cases that I was involved with first-hand.  The best part of it is seeing the dedication that doctors and technicians have in making sure that our furry friends go home with their human companions."  The client's needs are always Marcela's top priority and she will seek out ways to make sure their needs are met.  She is always a wealth of knowledge for our CSR team and is willing to jump in when she sees a fellow staff member needing support for any reason.

As a young adult who grew up in Oakland, Marcela decided she wanted to start a furry family and quickly adopted 2 puppies.  Little did she know she would have to nurse one of the puppies back to health only a couple of days after receiving her companions because he contracted parvovirus.  "...When I was 19 years old I quickly realized that I needed to be responsible in caring for a puppy with Parvo.  I nursed him back to health with veterinary care and he lived to be a healthy dog until the age of nine.  I've had 4 dogs and have seen each one go through different health ailments.  I have seen how important it is to care for your domestic animal like you would for a human family member or friend."  This experience had a great impact on her.  She realized how helpless animals can be at times, and how much they rely on us.  Throughout her life Marcela has had several pets with ailments needing continuous medical care.  These experiences lead to her decision to somehow work in the veterinary field.  We are very glad she chose BRVC as the place to develop her long and lasting career in helping people and their pets.  We look forward to working with Marcela for many more years!  "I am privileged to work at such an amazing hospital.  We are staffed with people who love and take pride in what they do.  It's a place that has so much to offer our clients when it comes to medical care for their furry companions."

On top of working full time at BRVC Marcela is also a busy mom and wife.  Marcela and her family live in Livermore, along with a Pit bull named Java and a White-Belly Caique (parrot) named Kaya.  In her spare time Marcela and her family enjoy attending her son Marco's soccer events or just taking family weekend trips.

Thank you for your dedication to people and their pets, Marcela.  Congratulations on being April's Employee of the Month!

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