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Tuffy and the Rattlesnake Bites
April 5, 2016

Tuffy was rushed to Bishop Ranch Veterinary Center & Urgent Care after being bit twice by a rattlesnake in the face! She was treated immediately with pain medication and stayed overnight for care. Her severe swelling had to be constantly monitored and measured to ensure she was improving.

Rattlesnake bite symptoms are very serious; besides the extreme swelling and pain, the toxins from the venom disrupt blood clotting and interfere with circulation. This can lead to shock and death. The swelling can also impair a petís ability to breath - also leading to death. Necrosis of the wounded tissue can occur, sometimes leading to amputation. It is not surprising that rattlesnake bites are 20 to 25 times more fatal in dogs than in humans.

Luckily, Tuffy's treatment went well, she improved and was able to go home with her family. Rattlesnake bites are a reality for pet owners in the East Bay. The rattlesnake vaccine can help your dog when they need it most by lessening the severity of the reaction and buying valuable time to get to the vet for treatment.  You can learn more about the rattlesnake vaccine here.

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