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September Employee of the Month: Carlos Garces!
September 8, 2016

BRVC is proud to announce Carlos Garces as the September employee of the month.  Carlos has been an integral part of the BRVC team for 12 years.  He started his career with us working as a Boarding Assistant.  He quickly became an important part of the boarding team as the clients and staff loved working closely with him.  He showed great work ethic and compassion; not just for the patients but the clients as well, along with an eagerness to learn new things.  Because of this and other amazing qualities he possesses, he worked his way to the medical side and became a Technician's assistant.  He has now earned his position as one of our many valuable Technicians at BRVC.  He possesses a positive aura that our patients respond well to.  He is able to successfully deal with the most difficult and fearful patients.  He does it with such ease and compassion it's almost like magic!  Clients see their pets take a great liking to Carlos and are constantly requesting him to perform services on their pets.  He is one of the most requested techs by our clients.

BRVC wouldnt be the same without Carlos.  His longevity here is something to be admired and respected.  He knows all the ins and outs of BRVC and is a wealth of knowledge for his teammates.  He is easy to get along with and is always fun to work with.  He may have started working here with other intentions but he eventually made BRVC his home and we couldn't be luckier!  "It started as a summer job but I really enjoy working with pets and here I am 12 years later... I like the people but above all I enjoy working with the pets, making them feel better and helping them".

Carlos' love for animals is very apparent and it shows in every aspect of his job.  "The best part is when a really sick dog or cat comes in and you do all the care and a few days later you see the improvement and what you did made a huge difference in their lives".

Carlos was born in Bogota, Colombia and raised in Cali, Colombia.  He moved to the United States when he was 21 years old.  In his spare time he enjoys camping and sports.  "I enjoy watching sports especially football and soccer, I have become a huge Warrior's fan".  He shares his life with his wife Nicole and their 2 cats, Karma (16 years old) and Audi (11 years old).

"Carlos has been one of my most loyal employees.  He is always willing to help in any department of the treatment room.  He has amazing animal handling skills and is respected for these by veterinarians, staff, and clients alike.  I see more requests for Carlos from clients than anyone else and if we have a difficult pet he is the first one to call.  Thanks for all your years of work!!" - Dr. James Pogrel

Thank you for your years of service Carlos- and congratulations on being our September Employee of the Month!

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