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November Employee of the Month: Stan Manha!
November 2, 2016

BRVC couldn't be happier to announce Stan Manha as our November employee of the month!  We have had the pleasure of having Stan on the team for a long time: he just celebrated his 10 years with us!  Stan has definitely made a long and lasting impression with BRVC.  When Stan walks into the building, his coworkers instantly have smiles on their faces: he is so warm and inviting.  His positivity and optimism is quite infectious.  We admire Stan for his soft spoken demeanor and calm presence.  The patients also really take a liking to him because of this.  "I like the people and the culture and I feel a sense of pride and accomplishment at the end of the day.  And, most importantly, I love being around the animals."

Stan started working in our Boarding department and then quickly moved into the Treatment department to work as a Technician's assistant.  He was so good with the patients and so attentive to their needs.  His goal was to make everyone happy and always did whatever he could to offer his services and support.  With Stan wanting to always help in any way he could, we started to realize that Stan was quite the handyman.  He would fix equipment, broken doors, chairs, and instruments with ease.  We started to rely on him heavily for this especially as the hospital grew and expanded.  He would make our job easier and more efficient.  BRVC saw the value in this not only for the staff but for the patients and the service we provide to our clients.  "I have always loved animals and was drawn to BRVC to help animals.  6 months later I was offered a job that better aligned with my skills.  This new opportunitiy allowed me to help maintain the hospital and still work closely with animals."  Stan now successfully manages the maintenance of all three hospitals: Bishop Ranch Veterinary Center, Amador Valley Veterinary Center, and Feline Medical Center!

Stan was born in Berkeley and grew up in the Oakland Hills.  He later moved to San Ramon with his beautiful wife Marie, where they currently reside.  Together they have 3 beautiful fur babies: two Labradors ("Hanna" and "Bodhi") and a Chihuahua named "Baby".  Stan is always on the go here at BRVC, so I can see why his idea of an enjoyable day is relaxing with his family.  He also enjoys skiing, golfing, and scuba diving.  We are so lucky and proud to have someone like Stan on our team!

Congratulations on a successful 10 years with BRVC.  You certainly deserve to be recognized; it's been a long time coming!  From all of us at BRVC, AVVC, and FMC: Thank you for all that you do!

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