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A Pet's Purpose by Dr Liesl Peterson
January 25, 2017

As a Veterinarian, it's no surprise that animals have always been an important part of my life.  As I watched the trailer for "A Dog's Purpose" I was reminded of the remarkable animals I've been lucky to share my life and home with, and I've been reflecting on their purpose in my life.  While I have taught them a few things, what I have learned from them is far greater and more valuable.  The roles that each of our companions has filled could not be more different, but the love they brought us is all the same.

Savannah, the cutest Labrador Redbone Coonhound cross, was the first dog that my husband and I had together.  Her big floppy ears made her look like Dumbo, and like a baby elephant, she was also a handful.  In learning to handle her energy and antics, she taught us patience and unconditional love.  As our true first child, she laid the groundwork for parenting when our human children came along.  She was a demure old lady by the time our kids came into her life, and they remember her as the perfect dog.

We currently share our home with Buttercup, the French Bulldog, who is committed to her belief that one should never lie on the floor when couches, blankets and beds are available.  Though she loves her relaxation (and her tutu), Buttercup has many serious jobs in our family.  She makes us laugh, is a great companion for doing homework, and gives us a convenient excuse to get out for a walk.  

We are fortunate to take care of your pet's health and understand that they are an important part of your life.  Every pet has a unique personality and role in the home, but they all increase our capacity to give and receive love.  What is your pet's purpose in your life?  We'd love to hear your stories.

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