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Claudia Schreiner, February Employee of the Month
February 1, 2017

We are so proud to announce Claudia Schreiner as BRVC's February Employee of the Month.  Claudia has been a reliable and valued technician for us for over 2 years, and she is one of our very best anesthetic recovery technicians.  Anesthetic recovery is an extremely detail-oriented and focused role, and requires steady, delicate, skillful attention.  Claudia performs is seamlessly.  Her compassion and connection with the patients is unmatched.  As the patient's advocate, she makes sure every surgical patient receives the best post-operative care: Every time.  Every day.

Claudia is admired by her coworkers for her professional bedside manner.  She has the utmost respect for all her coworkers and it shows in all her interactions.  She is one of the most polite, caring, and diligent workers.  She exudes quiet confidence even in the most difficult situations.  "...there are several good things about my job, that I take very seriously... it's an immense responsibility to take care of the animals when they leave the Surgery suite; they are vulnerable and they rely on me to provide the best care possible.  The fact that the technicians and doctors trust me: it's a great feeling."

Claudia possesses a quality that radiates positivity.  If you are having a bad day, she knows how to turn it around and help you see the good in every situation.  Her calm demeanor, gentle touch, and nursing skills are why our surgical patients recover from surgery so well.  These are just some of the many reasons Claudia is a role model and an exemplary employee.  Claudia takes her job very seriously and takes pride in every aspect of her duties.  Her goal is to always go above and beyond the call of duty for our clients and their pets - and she exceeds her goals every day.  Her committment to BRVC is whole-hearted.  When asked why she enjoys working at BRVC, Claudia responds "...Because it's a place where professional and passionate people are willing to make a difference... and go above and beyond in order to provide the best care in veterinary medicine".

Claudia was born in Sau Paulo, Brazil.  Sau Paulo is a cosmopolitan melting pot and the most populous city in Brazil.  She currently lives in San Ramon with her husband Fernando and two beautiful children: Felipe (11 years old) and Bianca (5 years old).  After a hard day at work Claudia relies on exercise to de-stress.  "... I rely on my Zumba and body flow classes to alleviate the stress of the week."  When not taking care of the patients Claudia enjoys spending time with her family as much as possible.  She enjoys a good movie and appreciates a good restaurant.  At this time Claudia and her family do not own any pets.  She feels every pet deserves dedication and if that can't be provided it's best to wait.

We thank you, Claudia, for your years of hard work and dedication.  You are truly deserving of this recognition!

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