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Paige Lenz, Employee of the Month for May!
May 9, 2017

Coming to us as a technician of 3 years, Paige has been with BRVC family for 6 months and is already such a huge part of our team! She was drawn to our hospital because of BRVC's great reputation and close proximity to her home,where she lives with her chihuahua, Meko and her two cats Dendi and Damara. Meko is named after Pocahontas' raccoon partner from her favorite Disney movie and Dendi and Damara are named after the lions she cared for while volunteering in Zambia. We know Paige must have got her excellent feline handling skills while working with those lions, she is one of our go-to girls when we have a cat that needs a little extra TLC!

Paige loves being a technician at BRVC because of our fast paced environment and feeling like she is truly making a difference. During her time with us, Paige has assisted on new and interesting cases and has enjoyed expanding upon her knowledge. She loves reaching the end of a busy day and looking back at the teamwork it took to care for all the patients that came through our doors. The feeling of accomplishment and pride is what gets her through the tough days and makes her excited to come to work. Her positive attitude is infectious, the staff is all smiles as soon as she comes through the Treatment Room door!

While not at work, Paige decompresses by cooking, BBQing, going to concerts, and catching up on the classiest of reality TV. BRVC is so lucky to have such a caring, knowledgeable, team player and are incredibly excited to name her as our May Employee of the Month!

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