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Veterinarian Spotlight: Dr. Erin Scott
July 10, 2017

Dr. Erin Scott just celebrated her one year anniversary here at Bishop Ranch Veterinary Center. Over the past year she's made such a huge impact on not only our clients and their pets but with our staff as well. We couldn't be more thrilled to announce that she is BRVC's August Team Member Spotlight!

Dr. Erin Scott grew up in El Centro, a desert town in Southern California. She received her Bachelor's degree from UC San Diego, and from there she was accepted into vet school at UC Davis. After graduation she completed an internship at a very highly competitive large specialty hospital in Los Angeles.

From there she knew she wanted to join a practice that would give her the opportunity to grow as a veterinarian. She was drawn to BRVC because of the ability to be able to practice high quality medicine in a compassionate environment. When she began her career with us she was mentored by fellow veterinarians Dr. Kristi Peterson and Dr. Stephanie Wong. Throughout her first year Dr. Scott had weekly meetings with her mentors. During those meetings they would discuss her cases, the hospital flow, as well as any challenges that she had. Dr. Peterson said, "that it was obvious from the beginning that she was a natural at her job." Her success showed in everything she did because of her love and compassion for her patients and their owners.

Dr. Erin Scott quickly made an impact on our staff as well. Chelsea, one of our Hospital Managers said, "Dr. Scott is patient, knowledgable, and engaging. She uses opportunities to teach the technicians better medicine techniques." Being one of our closing doctors, she sees her fair share of urgent care cases and even in those high stress situations she is always calm. Her ability to adapt to from general appointments to urgent care cases is incredible. Her ability to multitask inspires the technician staff to give it their all. "Dr. Erin Scott is always attentive, compassionate, and you can tell she puts her heart into the work she does. Her smile and positive attitude is contagious," says Michelle G. one of our technician assistants.

She hasn't just made an impact on our technician staff but the entire hospital as a whole. Rebecca, one of our Exam Room Technicians said, "I love working with Dr. Scott. She is always so pleasant and the clients rave about her when I'm in the rooms with them. Everyday she is full of gratitude for how hard her fellow co-workers work. She truly makes my day more enjoyable."

Dr. Erin Scott is married to one of our other incredible veterinarians, Dr. Adam Scott. Outside of work she enjoys spending her free time outdoors, especially hiking with Adam. They have 2 cats named Pi and Kylar and are still looking for the perfect rescue dog to add to their family.

Dr. Erin Scott is available for appointments on Tuesdays through Saturdays! Make an appointment today and see for yourself why she received this award! Congratulations again and thank you for all that you do!

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