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Kitty Korner: Where to Put the Water Bowl
December 11, 2012

Does your cat like to drink water out of the sink, bath tubs, or even the toilet bowl? Or maybe your cat isn't drinking as much water as you would like them to. Surprisingly this behavior may have a lot to do with where you place their water bowl! 

Dr. Baine suggests that his clients try placing their cat's water bowl further away from the food source. He says:

 "In the wild, when cats hunt, their kill can be long distances from water. Therefore, they will go search out water. So by placing a water bowl away from where they eat and also away from litter boxes, they may be more likely to visit that bowl more frequently. It is helpful when you want a cat to drink more water. Drinking from shower stalls, bath tubs, and sinks is not because they are there, it is because it usually is farther away from their food source!"

Cats may be domesticated but they still have that hunter instinct! Try this tip and see if it makes a difference!

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