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Kitty Corner: Cat Carriers
September 28, 2012

“Ernie was having some major aggression issues with his carrier..."

Do have trouble getting your kitty into his carrier? It often requires planning ahead of time, subterfuge, sneakiness, fast reflexes, and other daring deeds. After it's all over both the pet owner and the cat are an emotional wreck! 

For all the challenges of getting kitty in the carrier it really is for the best.  A cat safely in her carrier is protected in case of a car accident. And a carrier prevents your cat from escaping or being harmed by other pets once you are at the vet office. 

Helping your cat get used to the carrier will reduce the stress involved for both you and your cat. Plus, if there is ever an emergency - whether it is a medical  emergency or a fire or you need to leave in a hurry - being able to easily get your cat into his carrier can make all the difference.

 One way you can help kitty get used to the carrier is to leave it open and out in the house for your cat to explore on their own. Put a soft blanket, some catnip and treats in the carrier to help entice them inside. You can even leave the carrier out all the time to really downgrade its kitty cat threat level. This may help your feline friend start to see the carrier as a safe place as opposed to a reason for them to run and hide!

Deanna, one of our veterinary technicians, was having a difficult time with her cat Ernie. She used this tip to address the issue with great success! 


"Ernie was having some major aggression issues with his carrier so I left it out in my room for a few days with his favorite blanket inside. Now he treats it like his little castle and goes in and out without being nervous. He plays in it and lets Zim crawl inside with him!"

What has helped your cat get used to trips to the vet? Email your suggestions, tips, and questions to, subject line: Kitty Corner!


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