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Mayor of San Ramon Reunites Family with Lost Cat
June 26, 2014

Thanks to San Ramon Mayor Bill Clarkson a family has been reunited with their cat at Bishop Ranch Veterinary Center & Urgent Care after two years apart.

Mayor, Bill Clarkson, found two stray cats and dropped them off at our hospital on Monday of this week.  Both cats were immediately scanned for microchips by one of our veterinary technicians. One of the cats had a registered microchip which BRVC staff called into 24 Hour Pet Watch. The microchip company scanned their registry and revealed the lost cat’s name as Bailey (along with her owner’s information). As Bailey’s family was contacted, our staff made sure both cats were comfortable by giving them care, fresh food, and water.


Identified as the Berry family, they were elated to hear their beloved cat was alive and the joyous reunion took place later that evening in one of our exam rooms. Not only are they a client of Bishop Ranch Veterinary Center but Bailey had been missing for nearly two years!


Thankfully the Berry’s had the foresight to microchip and register Bailey. Without the microchip, it is highly doubtful Bailey and her family would have had this happy reunion!


The Berry family is thankful to Good Samaritan and Mayor, Bill Clarkson, as Bailey is finally back home with her loving family.


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