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The Value of Vaccinating with Your Veterinarian by Erin Selby
July 30, 2014

Vaccines--something all pet owners are familiar with. Vaccines are important because they protect our beloved best friends from some brutal, debilitating and sometimes fatal diseases such as distemper, parvo, feline leukemia, and of course rabies. Not only do vaccines help protect your pet’s life but in a sense, they save you money too. If an unvaccinated pet becomes infected treatment usually involves aggressive therapies and prolonged hospitalization and costs add up quickly.

When it is time to vaccinate your pet you have a choice. You can go to a vaccine clinic where you walk-in, your pet is poked with a needle and you’re sent on your way for a nominal fee. And certainly this is an understandable and sometimes necessary choice for many people. The other option is to schedule an exam with a veterinarian and have them administer the vaccine. We want to help shed some light on the benefits and value of seeing your veterinarian for vaccines.

Vaccine clinic: You show up, wait your turn, and then you go.

BRVC Veterinarian: You have one-on-one time with your pet’s doctor. You get to discuss any concerns or questions you have regarding your pet. A full psychical exam is performed on your pet where the veterinarian will ensure that your pet is in optimal health in order to receive a vaccine. Even a something like an elevated temperature could be enough reason to postpone vaccinating.

Vaccine clinic: When it is your pet’s turn they are administered a shot. Any applicable vaccines will be administered. It is not uncommon for very little communication to take place as to what vaccines are being given and why.

BRVC Veterinarian: You and your veterinarian will discuss your pet’s lifestyle and will tailor a vaccine protocol that is specific to your pet. Factors such as the breed of your pet, past illnesses, whether or not they spend significant time outdoors all influence the vaccine protocol you and your veterinarian decide upon.

Vaccine clinic: All vaccines besides rabies are one year vaccines meaning you have to renew the vaccine in a year’s time, possibly over-vaccinating your pet.

BRVC Veterinarian: Veterinarians can administer three year vaccines for pets over one year of age not only for rabies but for DHPP (dogs) and FVRCP (cats) too.  This saves your pet from over vaccination and saves you money. Instead of paying for a new vaccine every year you pay once every three years!

Vaccine clinic: A certain percentage of pets suffer from vaccine reactions. It is difficult if not impossible to predict if a pet will have a reaction unless they have had one in the past. In our experience symptoms of vaccine reactions are rarely communicated in full at vaccine clinics. But even then, if your pet should have a reaction you can’t take them to the vaccine clinic for treatment. You have to take them to a veterinary hospital for treatment and often you need to be seen on an emergency basis which means emergency costs as well.

BRVC Veterinarian: Your veterinarian will go over what symptoms to watch for after you go home – which reactions are normal and which ones are cause for concern. And of course if you have any questions, doubts, or concerns our friendly phone staff is ready to assist you and help you get the answers you need. And if your pet should suffer from a vaccine reaction and require emergency treatment all you have to do is bring them back to BRVC and we will take care of everything; we will not charge an extra exam fee. When you bring your pet to us for a physical exam and vaccines you have the guarantee of our care.   

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