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The Great Cat Escape!
December 17, 2014
When Big Girl kitty chewed her way out of her carrier and darted under a car in our parking lot, BRVC staff came to the rescue! Big Girl had crawled up into the engine of an SUV and she was determined to stay put.

Exam Room Tech Penny crawled under the car to try and retrieve the frightened cat. While she was able to get her hands on Big Girl's back end she could not pull her out without the possibility of causing harm.

That is when Dr. DeLano showed up on the scene and crawled under the car with a tranquilizer. He was able to inject the kitty and after about 10 minutes, Penny gently began to pull her out from the engine.

Big Girl was still pretty upset and to prevent her from running off a net and towels were used to secure her safely.

It was a tense 30 minutes. Thankfully she is back inside, safe and sound! Cheers to our staff for coming together to rescue Big Girl!

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