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Dr. Miller finalist in national contest!
June 17, 2015

San Ramon, CA – Local veterinarian, Dr. Trevor Miller (Bishop Ranch Veterinary Center) beating out 2,300 to become finalist in "SoFi Student Loan Contest" for his philanthropic veterinary plans for East Bay homeless and their pets. Dr. Trevor Miller has reached the final stages in the "SoFi Student Loan #2BillionTogether" contest beating out over 2,300 other veterinarians for a chance to win his veterinary school debt paid (

What will he do if he wins the contest and his student loan is paid off?

"I plan to establish a pop-up clinic to provide free veterinary care to the pets of the homeless. Currently no such service exists in the East Bay Area. Every day in my home town of Oakland, CA I encounter numerous people living on the street, many living with pets. Animals provide invaluable companionship, protection, and affection to people who are largely overlooked or avoided in our society. Animal companionship is a frequently utilized tool in the hospital setting and I believe the same benefit applies to the homeless. The mere presence of animals is soothing and the act of caring for another living creature reflexively makes a person better care for themselves. I plan to help keep the pets of the homeless healthy so they can do the same for their owners." Dr. Trevor Miller, DVM (Bishop Ranch Veterinary Center & Urgent Care)

Dr. Miller has provided premium, dedicated, innovative and compassionate veterinary care to clients throughout Contra Costa Country. Dr. Miller graduated University of California Berkeley with a degree in Environment Science and then graduated from Veterinary School at the University of California, Davis.

For more information about the SoFi contest or to vote, please visit (

For more information about Dr. Miller please visit (

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