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Diabetes Mellitus in Dogs

What is diabetes mellitus?

There are two forms of diabetes in dogs: diabetes insipidus and diabetes mellitus. Diabetes insipidus is sometimes called “drinking diabetes” and diabetes mellitus is also known as “sugar diabetes”. Diabetes insipidus is a very rare disorder that results in failure to regulate body water content. Diabetes mellitus is more common in dogs, and is frequently diagnosed in dogs five years of age or older. This is also known as Type II or adult-onset diabetes. There is a congenital form that occurs in puppies called Type I or juvenile diabetes, but this is rare in dogs. 

Diabetes mellitus is a disease of th... Read More

Debarking Your Dog by Frank Utchen, DVM

 Dr. Utchen, my dog barks incessantly while I am away at work and the neighbors are complaining. Do you have any suggestions -- is debarking a dog cruel? 


This is a timely question. A few weeks ago I wrote an article discussing ways to train a dog to bark less. However, there are situations where training fails for a variety of reasons, and when someone is threatened with having their dog taken away from them or euthanized because of the nuisance that barking can be, and in these cases debark surgery is an option. For those who want the full term, the procedure is called a ventriculocordectomy, and me... Read More

Chronic Bronchitis by Frank Utchen, DVM

Dr. Utchen, my dog coughs a lot, but seems fine otherwise. The vet says he has chronic bronchitis and that it might be from an allergy. She says he’ll probably always need medication for this. Why can’t this be cured like when people get bronchitis? 

Answer: Chronic bronchitis and allergic bronchitis are basically the same thing—chronic means it’s been going on a long time and isn’t really changing very quickly, and allergic means it’s due to some kind of environmental allergy, like pollen, dust mites, molds, etc.  

Chronic bronchitis is usually due to some degree of allergy in the first place, although once i... Read More

Canine Vaccine Recommendations


This is a combination vaccine against distemper, hepatitis, parainfluenza and parvovirus. These viruses can cause significant, life threatening diseases in dogs.  We recommend giving the DHPP vaccine every three years to all dogs over the age of one.  Rather than vaccinate every three years automatically, you can determine your dog’s level of immunity by measuring antibody titers every year, which is a way to determine more precisely when a dog’s immunity has diminished to inadequate levels and when revaccination is required.


This ... Read More

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