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Puppy Proofing Your Home by Frank Utchen, DVM

Puppies are like babies; they’re lively, they’re curious and they teethe. This can lead them into serious trouble unless you take preventive measures. 

Remember that a pup has a lower vantage point than your—like a baby who has begun to crawl—and may be attracted to things you cannot see when you are standing. 

It’s practically impossible to completely puppy proof your home against accidents, but for your puppy’s safety, here are some suggestions: 

Confine your puppy to a safe area inside and keep doors and windows closed and/or screened securely. Remember a puppy can chew through a screen door. Read More

Puppies as Part of the Family by Liesl Peterson, DVM

If you’re like most families searching for a puppy, you’ve spent hours researching reputable breeders and visiting local animal rescue groups and shelters until you’ve found the perfect match for your family.  Now that you have that little bundle of fur home, you will need to spend that same amount of energy and time – if not more -- integrating that puppy into your home. It’s not always easy and can take hours of time, consistency and patience.  Knowing beforehand what is involved in taking care of a puppy will set realistic expectations for both you and your children.  

... Read More

Vomiting in Dogs

What causes vomiting?

Vomiting is not a disease; rather, it is a symptom of many different diseases. Many cases of vomiting improve on their own without medical intervention within twenty-four hours. Less commonly, vomiting may result from a serious illness, such as cancer. Even when vomiting is caused by mild illnesses, it may lead to death or serious complications if treatment is not begun early enough to prevent severe fluid and nutrient losses.

How serious is vomiting in dogs?  

We attempt to determine how sick the dog has become as a consequence of the vomiti... Read More

Puppies and Biting by Frank Utchen, DVM

For those of you who have adopted a puppy recently I want to convey what I think is the most important thing you can teach a puppy. Of course, there are countless things puppies can—and should learn—to help them feel comfortable with their place in the “pack” (i.e., your family). I believe dogs do best in a structured environment, and consistent training is part of maintaining that structure for them. 

So what do I think is most important? I think most trainers would agree that teaching a puppy “bite inhibition” is crucial to having a dog who is a pleasure to be around, and not a potential concern or liability when around other people and dogs. 

Wh... Read More

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