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Mange by Frank Utchen, DVM

Dr. Utchen, I just adopted a puppy from an animal shelter and he was diagnosed with a skin condition called Mange. Can you tell me more about this? Will my children and other pets get this?

Answer:  Mange is a skin infection resulting in fur loss that can affect a dog’s entire coat or just a few small spots. In this condition, microscopic bugs called “mites” reproduce in the top layers of the skin. There are two types of Mange, caused by different types of mites: demodectic mange, which is not contagious to humans, and sarcoptic mange, also called “scabies,” which is sometimes contagious to humans. 

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Flea Control for your Dog

My dog always seems to have fleas. What can I do?

Successful flea control involves:

  • Eliminating fleas from your dog
  • Controlling fleas in the environment

Dogs and cats share the same fleas. It is important that all pets in your home are on a flea preventive. Treating your pet for fleas has never been easier. With the many choices we have today, we can provide you with the safest and most effective flea preventive for your pet’s needs.

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