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Behavior Changes and Pain in Aging Cats

As cats age, we generally see changes in their behavior. The wild and crazy playful activities we associate with kittens gives way to adult cats sleeping in the sun and prowling around the house. We commonly presume senior cats will take even longer naps in the sun or on our beds. It is important, however, to differentiate normal feline behaviors from abnormal ones, as some behavior changes in aging cats arise from pain and are definitely not normal.

What kind of behavior changes might I see in my cat that could signal pain?

One of the most common pain-associated behavior changes we see in aging cats is a decrease... Read More

Zoonotic Diseases in Cats

This article will review some of the common health concerns that arise for people who have cats as pets. For further information, be sure to ask your veterinarian.

What is a zoonotic disease?

"Zoonotic disease an infection or disease that can be transmitted from an animal to a human being."

Zoonotic disease or zoonoses are terms used to describe an infection or disease that can be transmitted ... Read More

Household Hazards – Toxic Hazards for Cats

Many think that because cats are finicky eaters they are poisoned less often than dogs. However, with their curiosity and fastidious grooming, intoxication is, unfortunately, not uncommon. Several factors predispose cats to becoming ill once they have been exposed to even a small amount of a poisonous substance.

"Cats lack certain liver enzymes which affects their liver metabolism, making them more sensitive to drugs and chemicals.

Thes... Read More

Antibody Titers

What are antibodies?
Antibodies are specialized proteins, also called immunoglobulins that are primarily found in the bloodstream. They are produced by specialized white blood cells called plasma cells, a form of lymphocyte. Specific antibodies are generated in response to the different foreign substances (for example bacteria, viruses, toxins) that the body encounters, and provide varying lengths of immunity against these substances.

What does an antibody titer mean?... Read More

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