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Feline Immunization Safety

For years routine immunization of cats, dogs, and people has been the basis of preventive health care. We have compiled this informational handout to help clarify recent research into the safety and potential side effects of the various feline immunizations, and to make you aware of the steps we have taken to insure the health of your cat.

The diseases for which your cat is at risk.

Cats that venture outdoors are at risk for contracting any infectious feline disease. This includes two feline upper respiratory infections (Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis and Calicivirus), Panleukopenia (otherwise known as “Distemper”), Feline Leukemia, a... Read More

Ask the Vet – My Cat Does Strange Things by Kristel Weaver, DVM, MPVM

Who needs television when you have a cat? They are as unique as we are and endlessly entertaining. Some of the strange behaviors we see in our domestic cats are related to wild felid behaviors.

My cat plays fetch with pompom balls.  Isn't this behavior typical of dogs, not cats?

Cats love to pretend to hunt small furry items and young cats are especially playful.  In the wild, a mother cat brings food home to her kittens, so retrieving is also instinctual. Not all cats play fetch, but if your cat has figured out this game of hunting and retrieving it’s a great way for her to play and exercise. 

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Protecting your cats from FIP by Frank Utchen, DVM

Dr. Utchen my cat just passed away from a disease called FIP. Can you explain what this is and how long should I wait before I can get another cat? 


I'm sorry about your cat. Feline infectious peritonitis is a devastating disease of cats for which there is no treatment. It can affect any cat at any age, although the typical disease occurs in young cats. 

This condition is caused when a common, essentially harmless virus called the feline enteric (intestinal) coronavirus — of which many cats are carriers — mutates inside the cat's body to turn into the lethal F... Read More

Kittenhood by Frank Utchen, DVM

It seems like there is never a time of year that isn't "Kitten Season" for the various animal rescue groups in the Tri-Valley Area. If you become a foster (or permanent) parent to a litter of kittens, keep these recommendations in mind:

Feeding Guidelines

For newborns (the first 2 weeks of life) kittens depend exclusively on mother's milk and need to nurse frequently. If you have a young litter without the mother, small nursing bottles can be purchased at pet supply stores along with milk replacer for kittens. The most common on is called KMR (Kitten Milk Replacer). Kittens should be fed every 2 to 3 hours.

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