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Tips for Brushing Your Cat’s Teeth

Items needed:

  • Special cat toothbrush or finger toothbrush
  • Pet toothpaste in a flavor your cat will enjoy (human toothpaste with fluoride is toxic for cats)
  • Your cat!

1. The first step is to get your cat used to toothpaste. Using the specially formulated and flavored pet toothpaste, squeeze some onto your finger. Allow your cat to lick it off your finger. Give them lots of enthusiastic praise and a tasty treat af... Read More

Feline Dental Care: Tartar Control Treats

The following are recommended by the Veterinary Oral Health Council:

Prescription Diet® Feline t/d

CET Chews

Science Diet Oral Care Diet for Cats

Friskies Feline Dental Diet

Tips to help your cat enjoy CET Chews: 

The clear coating covering the CET Chew Treat contains the enzyme treatment that helps destroy plaque. The rest of the chew is simply freeze-dried catfish. After a period of time most cats will eat the entire chew.

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Seizures in Cats

What is a seizure?

A seizure is also known as a convulsion or fit. It may have all or any combination of the following:

1. Loss or derangement of consciousness

2. Contractions of all the muscles in the body

3. Changes in mental awareness from unresponsiveness to hallucinations

4. Involuntary urination, defecation, or salivation

5. Behavioral changes, including not recognizing the owner, viciousness, pacing, and running in circles

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Chin Acne

What is chin acne?

Feline chin acne is a poorly understood disorder of follicular keratinization, which means the overproduction of keratin, a protein found in the outer layer of skin. When this excess keratin is trapped in the hair follicle, comedones or “blackheads” form. These comedones may become infected with bacteria and form pustules or “pimples”. Feline chin acne is similar to the acne that humans get.

What causes chin acne?

While the exact mechanism is not understood, the abnormal follicular keratinization is thought to be related to a primary gene... Read More

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