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Diabetes in Cats by Frank Utchen, DVM

One of the less common problems we see in cats, yet perhaps the condition requiring the most patience and cooperation between a veterinarian and cat owner, is diabetes.

Yes, diabetes can happen to cats and dogs just as it does in people. One distinct difference is that in cats diabetes can be reversible, and with early treatment and proper diet approximately 1/3 of cats will revert back to an un-diabetic state.

So how do you know your cat may be diabetic? The outward indicators are typically excessive drinking and urinating, with a normal or increased appetite, yet with progressive weight loss. Without adequate insulin the body is unable to properly store fat an... Read More

Cat Urine Marking by Frank Utchen, DVm

Dr. Utchen, we recently had a 3rd child and since then our cats have decided to pee throughout the house. Help! What do we do?

Answer: Changes in a cat's living situation, whether it is from a new baby in the house or another new cat or dog, or just moving to a new home, will sometimes cause a cat to urinate around the house instead of in the litterbox.

Whether this is an expression of territoriality or just a manifestation of psychological stress in a cat is hard to know. However, there are several things that can be done to try to reduce a cat's tendency to do this.

First ... Read More

Cat Nutrition by Frank Utchen, DVM

Nutritional advice is plentiful these days. Flip on the TV or log on and the ads for what is best to eat—and what medications to take if your will power won't power you to eat that way—are as abundant as the health risks purportedly associated with many of our favorite foods.

So what about our pets? We're not starving for advice here, either.

The thing that veterinary nutritionists have come to realize is that a cat is not just a smaller version of a dog. And while many of the fundamental constituents of cat food are the same as dog food, the proportions of each should be significantly different to meet the special requirements of cats.

Read More

Feline Inappropriate Urination by Kristel Weaver, DVM, MPVM

My cat is urinating outside the box and it's driving me crazy!  How can I make him stop?

We see a lot of cats that eliminate outside their box.  It's a very stinky, frustrating problem.  I'll walk you through the questions I consider in order to figure out why a cat urinates inappropriately and some of the steps we take to correct it.

First question: Is this a medical problem or a behavioral problem?

Medical problems like a urinary tract infection, bladder stones, an inflamed bladder or a bladder tumor can make a cat urinate outside his or her box.  A m... Read More

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