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Cat Litter Types by Frank Utchen, DVM

Think inside the box when dealing with cats.

Few things wrinkle the nose as much as the smell of cat urine. Most cats use their litterbox every time they have to go, but sometimes something just isn't quite right with the box—and that's when a cat is prone to take matters into its own paws. Too often that results in a mess on the carpet.

A brief primer on litterbox issues that affect how readily a cat will chose to use the litterbox:

Here are your choices when it comes to thinking inside the box.

First, there's good old reliabl... Read More

Cat Eyes by Frank Utchen, DVM

Cats are famous for their great eyesight and rightly so. They have fantastic night vision and are extremely sensitive to movement, thanks to their former hunting days.  This week's article will help you get a cat's eye view of this amazing feline organ.

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Cat Behavior by Frank Utchen, DVM

You're asking a lot of a cat whenever you bring her into your home, and the fact that, in most cases, the situation works as well as it does says a lot about the strength of the love between cats and people. You ask your cat to relieve herself where you want her to instead of anywhere in her territory. You ask her to scratch in one place instead of marking every surface in her life. You ask her to ignore her ability to jump gracefully onto tables and countertops and adjust her naturally nocturnal schedule to your daytime one.

Most cats make the compromises. For those who don't, you need to figure out why before any problem-solving can begin. Here are some things to consider:

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Aging in Cats

In older cats, as in older people, a variety of health problems become more common than they are in younger cats and kittens. This week's article will point out several things to watch for in your cat as they become older.

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