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Owning a Pet Snake

General Information

Several species of snakes are commonly kept as pets. These include king snakes, garter snakes, Burmese pythons, various boa constrictors, and ball pythons. The needs of your particular species may differ from the needs of the generic "snake", so be sure to discuss any particulars with your veterinarian. The ball python will be used for this discussion, as it is one of the most common if not the most common species of pet snakes. Most of the information concerning the ball python is applicable to other terrestrial snake species.


Most snake... Read More

Feeding Your Pet Turtle

What do turtles eat?

Turtles are both herbivorous and carnivorous, which means that they eat both plant and animal based foods.  As a guideline, your turtle's diet should be about 50% plant-based material and 50% animal-based material.  Be sure to discuss a specific diet for your turtle with your veterinarian.


How often should I feed my turtle?

Most young turtles eat daily; older turtles can be fed daily or every other day, depending upon each pet's individual appet... Read More

Housing Your Pet Turtle

What type of cage does my turtle require?

Turtles may be housed inside or outside, depending upon environmental conditions and owner preference.  Discuss the best option with your veterinarian.


If you choose to house your turtles indoors, a 10 or 20-gallon aquarium is usually adequate.


Does my turtle need bedding in his cage?

Substrate, or bedding material, s... Read More

Common Diseases of Pet Turtles

What are some of the common diseases of pet turtles?

Common conditions of pet turtles include Vitamin A deficiency, respiratory diseases, abscesses, shell infections and fractures, and parasites.


What are the signs of these diseases?

Vitamin A deficiency occurs as a result of feeding turtles an inappropriate diet.  The all-meat diet, or the "cricket and fruit cocktail" diet, or the "lettuce and carrots" diets are all deficie... Read More

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