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Feather Problems

General Information

Feather loss is as much of a concern to bird owners as hair loss is to dog and cat owners. The feathers of a bird provide protection, insulation, flight, and visual signals to other pets. While feather loss in birds is usually not fatal, it is nevertheless disturbing to owners. Occasionally, feather loss can be the sign of a serious internal condition.


What causes feather loss?

Feather loss either occurs because the bird is tru... Read More

Wing Clipping

Should I have my bird’s wings clipped?

... Read More

Beak and Nail Care

Do I need to be concerned about my bird’s beak and nails?

... Read More

Owning a Pet Turtle

General Information

Several species of turtles are available for purchase as pets. By far the most common species is the popular box turtle, which will be the subject of this discussion. Check with your veterinarian about specific requirements for your pet if you happen to own another species of turtle.


The turtle is a popular reptile pet; the box turtle is probably the most common species of turtle kept as a pet. Due to the high incidence of Salmonella poisoning in the 1970's, laws were... Read More

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