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Cage Hygiene

What do I clean my bird’s cage with?

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Bathing Birds

Does my bird need a bath?

Bathing is very important to the proper preening or maintenance of feathers. All birds do it and most really enjoy the experience. In the wild a bird may bathe during a rain shower, find a puddle, lake or stream to splash in or nuzzle playfully in wet grasses and vegetation. Bathing encourages healthy preening or grooming of the feathers. It keeps feathers free of dirt and will help preserve their wonderful, natural luster. Central heating and air conditioning tend to create a dry environment. Many of our pet birds come from moist rainforest environments so bathing or dampening your bird gently with a misting bottle is very natural

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Birds: Abnormal Droppings

General Information

A common cause of illness in pet birds involves a change of droppings. While not usually specific for any one particular disease, a change in the color, frequency, volume, or character of droppings indicates a problem that requires immediate veterinary attention.


What are the components of a normal dropping?

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