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Reptile Brumation by Shann Ikezawa, DVM

When people think of hibernation, most imagine bears in caves taking a long winter sleep. Did you know, however, that reptiles like Desert Tortoises and Red Eared Sliders, have a similar behavior called brumation? In the wild, these animals deal with cold temperatures by digging burrows or finding safe hiding places and slowing their metabolisms to a bare minimum.

Some aquatic species, like sliders, will even brumate underwater, only periodically coming up for a breath before dropping back to the bottom of a pond. Brumation is a survival technique for harsh conditions, and in some species, is involved in stimulating reproductive activity in the spring.

Captive... Read More

A Domestic Rat Can be the Ideal Pet by Frank Utchen, DVM

When you tell someone that you, as a supposedly mature, sane adult, have two rats as pets, you'll generally get one of two responses: revulsion, followed by a questioning of said supposed sanity, or delight, from those who once had rats as pets (usually when they were young) and still remember how much fun they are.

In my life I’ve adopted 4 rats and have experienced both responses countless times, the former far more than the latter.

The reaction of disgust is unfortunate, for rats can be entertaining, affectionate and clever pets. They're excellent first pets for children, great sole pets for adults who might prefer a dog but are in "no pets" housing, and ea... Read More

Rabbit Proofing your Home

What does rabbit proofing involve?

Rabbit proofing one's home involves three things: 1) Preventing destruction of your property; 2) Protecting your companion rabbit(s) from harm; and 3) Providing safe and fun chewing alternatives for your rabbit.

Why is rabbit proofing your home so important?

Preventing rabbits from chewing on electrical cords is of utmost importance, since rabbits can be badly burned or electrocuted. The consequences of biting into an electric wire are too severe to risk relying on training alone. Instead, you must take action to move the cords sa... Read More

Owning a Pet Rabbit

General Information

Rabbits make a nice alternative to a dog or cat. They are usually not aggressive, don't have to be walked, and usually learn to use a litter box quite easily. Their average life span is 5-10years old, and they reach breeding age at 6 months of age. Early spaying and neutering at 4-6months of age is recommended to decrease both medical and behavioral problems. Rabbits are known for their easy breeding abilities; pregnancy lasts about 30 days and the average size litter is 4 to10 bunnies.

Proper handling of rabbits is important. Rabbits have a lightweight skeleton compared to most animals. Their powerful back legs allo... Read More

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