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Feline Dental Care: Tartar Control Treats

The following are recommended by the Veterinary Oral Health Council:

Prescription Diet® Feline t/d

CET Chews

Science Diet Oral Care Diet for Cats

Friskies Feline Dental Diet

Tips to help your cat enjoy CET Chews: 

The clear coating covering the CET Chew Treat contains the enzyme treatment that helps destroy plaque. The rest of the chew is simply freeze-dried catfish. After a period of time most cats will eat the entire chew.

To encourage your cat to eat the treats initially, try the following helpful hints:

1. Press the chew between your fingers before giving the chew to your cat (it releases the odor of the chew)

2. Break the chew into two pieces (some cats prefer a smaller chew)

3. Add 1-2 drops of water to the chew

4. Add 1-2 drops of water to the chew and then heat the chew a FEW seconds in a microwave

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