Check the Chip Day

August 15 was “Check the Chip Day”, an annual reminder to make sure the contact information on file with your pet’s microchip company is up to date. Otherwise, if your pet is lost, a shelter will have no way to contact you. Microchips are the best way to ensure your animal always finds their way home. Microchipped dogs are 2.5 times more likely to be returned to their owners from a shelter, and cats are 21.4 times more likely!


How To Find Your Microchip Manufacturer

The American Animal Hospital Association teamed up with most microchip manufacturing companies to help pet owners find which brand their microchip number belongs to. Click here to access the AAHA Microchip Lookup Tool.

According the the AVMA, the following microchip manufacturers can be identified with the AAHA tool:

How To Find Your Pet’s Microchip Number

If you don’t know your pet’s microchip number, you need to have your pet scanned for free. we recommend visiting your local animal shelter with your pet. Any local animal shelter will be able to scan it for you. If you have an upcoming appointment at Bishop Ranch Veterinary Center, please let us know you are interested in checking your pet's microchip and we will scan it during your appointment.

Being prepared ahead of time is the best way to find a pet if they do become lost. So, check the chip, and check this item off your to-do list!

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