Pharmacy & Prescription Services

COVID-19 Prescription Support Update - February 2021

Our pharmacy team has been very busy refilling and mailing medications. We thank all our clients for continuing to refill their pet's medications with us we understand as pet owners you are bombarded with many online pharmacies alternatives. We wanted to highlight some things we are doing that will continue to set us apart from online pharmacies.

1) Medications are mailed at no additional fee. We are able to mail these out quickly often within 24 hours of payment.

2) We try to be as competitive as we can with online pharmacy alternatives for your pet's prescriptions.

3) We submit any manufacturer rebates on your behalf ($5-35 savings).

4) We are providing curbside pickup for urgent medication needs.

5) Pet owners who have COVID-19 or are in quarantine and are unable to leave their homes and need urgent medications for their pet we will deliver at no additional charge in the Tri-Valley Area.

To request a refill on your pet's medications please :


Call: 925-498-1698

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