"Recently we had a need for urgent kitty care and we we're lucky enough to get an appointment for urgent care at Bishop Ranch after reading the great reviews.

My kitty was relatively stable and they had an emergency so we had to wait about an hour before being seen. They told me this as soon as we checked in, and took my kitty to the back to a quiet space, so she wouldn't be distrubed with all the traffic in the lobby. In the time I was in the lobby I witnessed all staff going above and beyond to help patients and their owners. This included both routine care appointments and the stressful experience of urgent care with your furry loved one. Staff were competent, caring and willing to go the extra mile. At no time was anyone rushed or pressured. I had the same experince with my own interactions with staff. The bad news was my kitty ended up needing to be hospitalized at BR, which was very upsetting. But again the staff made it easier on me, reassuring me she would be carried for, that I could visit and that I would receive updates. While in hospital, I recieved updates form the Vet approximately 3 times a day with info about how my kitty was doing and discussion of next steps. It was clear that not only did they spend significant time with my pet (observing personality traits, symptoms, etc), they also really cared about her. After discharge from the hospital, I even received follow-up calls to check how my kitty was doing, which meant a lot to me. They made a difficult situation, so much better. We will definitely be switching to Bishop Ranch for all our pets routine care as well as urgent care when needed.

As anyone with pets knows, veterniary care is expensive- however I find their prices to be inline with much less well equipped and less competent vets I have been to. They also were very transparent providing both a low and high end estimate for the care.

And to those reviewers who complained that they could not get their pet in at the last minute and felt they should have been able to squeeze long time clients in. That's not how human medical care works and neither should veterinary care. Of course you hope they canhelp you, but if it would negatively affect their ability to provide the best care- especially for urgent/emergency care, I'd rather they be honest and refer me to a facility than can meet the urgent need. There should be no expectation that just because you are a long time client that you should get priority, in front of other pets with more urgent needs."

Joanne P. Castro Valley, CA

"BR Vets has been so wonderful helping me with my fur babies. We recently lost our youngest cat to a very devastating illness. The vets at BR Vet were terrific, so compassionate and caring. They help us with our 2 fur babies as well - one who is 18 that they help us keep her going strong and still playful. During SIP, I had to take Daisy, the 18 year old, to see the BR Vet. The care they took was unbelievable."

Rose M. Livermore, CA

"We truly appreciate the kindness and support this vet offers. We have been going to them for both of our cats, and we recently lost our oldest. During a challenging and difficult time in our lives (COVID19), the staff and Dr Scott continued to be right be our side as we had to make the difficult decision to put down our cat. I appreciated their kindness by allowing me to still be with her at her final moments in life."

S T.

"I have been at my previous vet for years out of loyalty. I discovered BRVC when my cat had an emergency. As we all know emergencies are unscheduled. BR took my cat in treated her and me as if we were royalty but the best part the emergency bill was less than a regular appointment with my previous vet. It is because of that visit I chose to switch and bring my beloved Yorkie Ms. Charlie. I can't express how happy I am and believe it is the right decision. I am looking forward to a long relationship with my new pet care provider. Dr Ikezawa. Thank you"

Kristina P.

"I have taken all of my pets to Bishop Ranch Veterinary since 2019 and they’ve been nothing but utterly incredible. They’ve helped me through a lot with my cats and their bedside manner, care, and communication are some of the best I’ve seen/experienced. I can’t recommend them enough. They’ve walked me through the end of life with pets and also helped me with maintaining healthy lives of my other ones. Their costs, transparency, and willingness to care are genuinely wonderful. They’re always happy to answer any questions you may have and have never steered me wrong. I’m grateful to have this place in my life."


Matt L.

"Thank you all so much for taking such great care of Pooka. I know he was in your care a long time and you all kept him healthy and happy while happily speaking to me nearly every single day about his progress, feelings, and overall mood.

I will happily recommend your services to all of my friends and family that have pets. I do believe that you aren't just a business, but truly care about other peoples pets. This is unusual in businesses, but I believe is the best way to expand and retain customers.

Thank you especially, for all of the work you did to accommodate Pooka's reservation, his age and special diet, and making sure he got nearly as much love, attention, and patience as he does at home. Your commitment to providing a high level of care, far beyond what is required, is much appreciated by our family, as I am sure, every other family that has turned to Bishop Ranch."

Pekhna S.

"Started first going to BRVC&UC for our Blue Dobe who had spinal issues, and CAH. The old vet was sort of cold, wanted her to come in too often IMO. BRVC has loving Vets, who show they truly care about the animals they care for. They have a variety of vets, who specialize in different areas. We opted for acupuncture, and herbs. Sadly, we made the final trip with Shadow, and she was released from her pain. I then changed our other Dobe to BRVC&UC. So glad too! We live in Benicia, and used to drive to Vallejo, just the next town over. Now, it is to San Ramon with drs. who show they love their jobs and the animals they take care of"

Debbie M. Benicia, CA

"I LOVE Bishop Ranch! I've been taking my pets there for over 20 years and I wouldn't go any place else. The whole staff is considerate, helpful and caring. I get follow up phone calls from the vet when needed. They are the BEST!"

Jeanie L. San Ramon, CA

"Thank you to everyone who had a hand in helping Honey get through her eye trauma. I have never had as much confidence in a veterinary clinic as I do with BRVC. Honey and Ayden think you guys are the best too !!!!"

Stacey M. San Ramon, CA

"Thank you for always taking such great care of Lola & Gigi! Hopefully we won't be back too soon :) But seriously this is the best Vet center we have ever been too!!"

Katie C. Dublin, CA

"My dog Ziggy (80-pound German Shepherd mix; rescue dog) had his most recent shots and check-up today. As always, the vets, technicians, and receptionists at BRV were fantastic. Three years ago, Dr. Wong saved Ziggy's life when his stomach detached from his stomach wall. After surgery, Ziggy became septic and was about 10% to live. BRV employees were VERY helpful and supportive--allowing me to stay/sleep in Ziggy's kennel even after normal visiting hours. After about 48-hours, Ziggy seemed to give up and we struggled to find food that he would eat. A fantastic technician, who seemed to be there nearly 24 hours per day, suggested baby food. Ziggy would not eat on his own, but we smeared baby food on our fingers and Ziggy slowly started eating. Ziggy is now very healthy and happy and we love BRV."


Tad B.

"My family has been going to BRVC since they opened. We had been seeing the vets at Crow Canyon (dogs) & Norris Canyon (cats) when they merged. How many years ago was that? You've come a long way since then! You have a great facility and a great staff. I have too many stories to post here. What I can say is I love all of the vets and staff that cared for all of our pets all these years. We are a family of animal lovers who treat our pets like our children. I couldn't ask for more capable and supportive staff. I'm proud to see you out at community events and have recommended you to my friends. Keep up the good work!"

Valerie Q. Danville, Ca

"BRVC doctors and staff are friendly, informative, and responsive. They have pulled our senior boy from the brink on three occasions, and have managed on-going complex health issues in a professional and compassionate manner. He is still with us today, leading a comfortable and happy life despite his health challenges, because we found BRVC."

Julie V. S. Walnut Creek, CA

"BRVC is such a great place. They have helped many of my family members dogs. Everything from routine check ups to blood transfusions. The staff is very kind and extremely knowledgable. I would recomened this faciltiy to anyone."

David S. Dublin, CA


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