National CSR Appreciation Week 2023

Last week we celebrated National Veterinary Receptionist Week!  A big thank you to our vendors that donated their time and lunches to our staff: Hill’s Pet Nutrition, IDEXX, Boehringer Ingraham, Merck, and Trupanion.  Our staff works so hard each day from answering an incoming phone call, greeting our clients and their pet as they walk into BRVC,  preparing a pet's prescription, accompanying a nervous patient into an exam room, providing a few extra head taps during a nail trim, bringing up a beloved pet after a boarding stay, or helping ensure everything is organized and all other departments are afloat.  They were also treated to some special guests from the Valley Humane Society, a litter of loveable puppies named Phoenix, Mermaid, Dragon, Griffin, Fairy, and Unicorn.  The staff was able to enjoy some puppy kisses and lots of snuggles!  They even ended the week with a tie-dye shirt even where they were able to customize their own t-shirt for National Veterinary Receptionist Week.   Our staff had such a PAW-sitive week and every day felt appreciated, recognized, and celebrated!  Thank you again to those that participated and joined in on our celebrations.

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