Prescription Refills

All prescription refills are reviewed by our veterinarians.  However, due to current staffing limitations, the time involved in this process has impacted our veterinarians' schedule as they wear yet another "hat" (seeing appointments, performing surgeries, dental cleanings, ultrasound, and other procedures, making and answering phone calls, reviewing X-rays, and lab tests, reviewing and approving prescription refills, etc.)  All of that can result in very long delays in getting a prescription refilled for you.  So that we can assure our veterinarians stay on schedule seeing the high caseload of pets they do every day but at the same time refill your prescriptions as quickly as possible, we have instituted the following systems, including mailing refilled prescriptions to you at no charge.  Of course, as we have always done, we support your wishes to get your prescriptions from wherever you choose.

Refill Requests through BRVC that are picked up or mailed:

While we have always strived to have your prescription refills ready for pickup or mailed to you within a day of your request, that timeframe has now been extended to 72 hours or longer.  In order for us to all work together on this for the benefit of your pet, please help us by requesting your refills 5-7 days before you run out.  Ultimately, this will help your pet stay healthier by not missing any important doses.

Written Prescriptions:

However, due to a high volume of such requests and short the staff that are qualified to handle these requests, you may have to wait up to 1 week before a written prescription for a refill is ready.  Therefore, when requesting refills through our BRVC pharmacy, please help us help you by ordering your written prescription at least one week in advance of your pet needing it.  If you request, we will also be glad to mail your written prescription to you for a $5 fee.

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