We are meeting you at your car and more important updates!

The threat of Coronavirus ( COVID-19) has generated understandable concerns in our community. The health, safety and well being of our BRVC Team staff and clients is our top priority. Currently, we are remaining open during a recent shelter in place guidelines with normal hours of operations. Monday - Friday 7 am-10 pm and Sunday 8 am-8 pm

Please plan for your visit accordingly : 

1) We are and will remain OPEN for sick pets, urgent care, and for emergencies or those pets with medical issues, which we are considering essential appointments. 
Non-essential appointments will not be scheduled at this time. This includes:

  • Adult Annual Vaccines 

  • Well-Pet Exams 

  • Toenail trims  

2) During the shelter in place order, we will be checking clients in from outside in their car.  Our team will be ready to greet you at your vehicle and facilitate appointments, bringing medications to you, etc. This is in an effort to protect our clients and staff during this period. 

As a healthcare facility, we clean and disinfect patient and common areas regularly to prevent the spread of illness among our patients. We also have increased our cleaning frequency with an added focus on client and employee areas, and have hand sanitizer available throughout our hospital. We also are utilizing personal protective equipment within the clinic (masks, gloves, and gowns - the normal course for veterinary care).

We also are following the Center for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines - including frequent hand washing, advising individuals with sickness or respiratory symptoms to stay home and avoiding close contact with people who are sick or suspected of being sick.

Clients that are feeling ill, have traveled overseas during the last two weeks, or have been in close contact with someone who might be infected with COVID-19 or other contagious illness ( Cold, or Flu) should refrain from visiting us at this time. Please call to reschedule your appointment and if necessary schedule a phone consult with a veterinarian instead. 

If your pet has an emergency, please call us so we can discuss and appropriate a plan to support your pet's visit for care. We may ask that you find someone else to bring your pet in to receive veterinary care. 

2. Prescriptions -
 We will continue to mail prescriptions to owners as soon as possible. Our priority will be to refill critical medications first and to offer mailing at no additional cost for all medications if possible.  We are now requiring due to shelter in place guidelines that we mail all preventative medications to pet owners.  For non-preventative, essential medications that are needed in less than 5 days, we are supporting owners picking these up "Curbside". Please call us when you are on your way so we can have your pet's medication when you arrive. 

3. Pet Store - The Pet Care Depot is OPEN and will remain so for the inevitable future their hours will be regular hours at this time. They will be imposing limits on bags and cans of prescription diets purchased as well as increasing the amount of food on hand so they can make sure all pet owners have ample food supply for their pets. The pet store is currently allowing customers in the store to pick up food if they have not traveled in the last 2 weeks, and have no symptoms of illness. To support the safety of customers and staff they are also supporting curbside pick up of diets. Please call 925-328-0372 to pre-order and pay for your pet's food. 

As the circumstances evolve, we may be phasing in additional measures to protect our clients and staff, so please be on the lookout for further email communication and follow us on Facebook. This is a rapidly changing situation and we appreciate your continued patience and support as we navigate it together to keep our community safe.

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