Age: 1
Breed: Pitbull

​​​​​​​Barrack is a 1 year old Pitbull that was adopted by a family within the past few months. He is a super sweet boy and has offered a lot of love to his new family. His family took notice that something was wrong when he was not eating, and vomiting when he did eat. At first they thought it was something treatable from home and did not take him in for medical care. He was offered water and even pumpkin to help settle his stomach. After a week of no improvement the family was in much distress and they contacted Paws in Need for help. The rescue immediately took the Barrack into their care and was transported to Bishop Ranch Veterinary Center where Dr. Wong and the staff were able to see him immediately and give him the proper care he needed.

Dr. Wong noted he came in severely dehydrated, depressed and in shock. The team started him on IV fluids while running tests on him. Through the X-rays, they were able to see that a corn cob was sitting within an intestinal loop. He was taken to surgery, where they saw that half of his intestine was purple, cold, and necrotic (dying) due to the pressure being built up by the corn cob, not allowing anything to pass by it. The team performed a resection and removed the damaged section of the intestine through anastomosis surgery. While the remaining healthy ends of his intestine were sewn back together, he still needed 3-5 days of hospitalization after the surgery.

Fortunately, Barrack was brought in just in time or else he would have not made it. This goes to show it is important to bring your pet in at the first sign of symptoms of not eating or vomiting. The longer you wait, the more your pet's health is in danger.

​​​​​​​We are happy to report he has shown a significant amount of improvement over the last couple days and will be able to return home to his loving family very soon.

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