Cody Bennett

Age: 5 years
Breed: Yorkshire Terrier
​​​​​​​Diagnosis: Fractured front legs

Each time I take one of my three Yorkies to the Bishop Ranch Vet Center & Urgent Care it is always a positive experience. The front desk staff and the doctors are always friendly and helpful. One experience I had with Cody, my little 6 lb. boy, was a traumatic one, but Dr. Pogrel helped Cody and I through it and turned a bad accident into a successful recovery.

When Cody was 8 months old he jumped out of my arms. He landed on the carpet at home, but he broke both of his front legs. He cried out in so much pain that I screamed too. I brought Cody in to see Dr. Pogrel. He scheduled Cody for surgery and gave us a few options, one of which was fastening metal rods with pins to Cody's leg bones. Cody's surgery went very well and I brought him home to heal for a month.

At his check-up Dr. Pogrel was concerned that Cody's legs were depending too much on the metal rods rather than healing strong. He explained that normally the metal rods would be removed after the bones healed. In Cody's case he recommended that the rods stay in permanently holding the bones together with four pins instead of eight. That would allow Cody's bones to become stronger and rely less on the metal rods. Cody then had another surgery to remove the four pins from each leg and casts were put from his toes to his elbows allowing him to walk around and bend his legs.

Dr. Pogrel, the staff and the surgeons helped my little guy through a very traumatic experience and I'm grateful to all of them for their skill, dedication to caring for animals, and most of all their kindness. Cody may have been scared while at the vet center, but I know he was well cared for during his stay. He is now 5 years old and is doing extraordinarily well after all that he has been through. Cody is a happy little Yorkie with very strong legs! He is "The Bionic Dog"!
Cindy Bennett

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