Breed: Persian
​​​​​​​Diagnosis: Urinary Blockage

Jordie had always been a mellow, happy-go-lucky cat but one day, his family noticed that he seemed to be going in and out of his litter box much more often than normal. He appeared to be painful and straining to urinate.

Examination at his regular veterinarian revealed that he was "blocked". He had a medical condition that caused him to form blood clots and crystals in his urine that lodged in his urethra, causing an obstruction, making him unable to urinate. This condition is an emergency and patients can become critically ill in a short amount of time.

A urinary catheter was placed to relieve the obstruction and he was treated for his urinary disease, but for the next two weeks, his episodes recurred and he continued to require emergency care and assistance to empty his bladder. His regular veterinarian determined that the best option for Jordie was a surgical procedure called a perineal urethrostomy which involves removing the end of the penis and widening the opening of the urethra. This surgery is a detailed and delicate procedure and not available at all veterinary hospitals. On a recommendation, Jordie came to Bishop Ranch Veterinary Center & Urgent Care worried about the health of their wonderful cat. Jordie's family moved forward with surgery. His surgery was technically difficult because the urethra was traumatized and swollen from two weeks of catheters and treatment.

There was some concern that he may have too much trauma to heal well, but Jordie was a tolerant patient and did well with his post operative nursing care. Three days later he was discharged to his family with strict instructions on the care of his sensitive incision. His family followed instructions carefully and Jordie's recovery was quick and without complication. His family reports that he is back to his old self and his bright personality has returned.

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