Age: 6
Breed: Dachshund Mix

​​​​​​​Lily is a very sweet and fairly calm little girl. When Lily was younger, she accidently got a string tied around her leg cutting off circulation. Her family at the time was unable to pay for proper veterinary to save her leg so they dropped her off to a rescue. Lily had to have her leg amputated but that was just the start of an uphill battle for brave little Lily...

After being dropped off at the rescue, she quickly found a foster home. Even as Lily settled in with into her new home, something was still wrong. Lily just wasn't acting like her happy go lucky self and seemed to be ill. The foster family knew BRVC had urgent care and has brought many of their foster pets to BRVC over the years and decided Lily needed to get there ASAP.

Upon arrival, Lily was in pain and the dressing site around the amputation became soaked with blood. At this point, her blood pressure was dropping and everyone was very scared for Lily.

Dr. Miller and the team at BRVC worked fast and gave Lily 2 units of blood and some plasma. Throughout the initial few hours, everyone was extremely worried but never gave up hope. The foster family knew Dr. Miller had faith in Lily and would undoubtedly do everything in his power to save her. The BRVC team members stayed in constant contact with the foster family and let her know what treatments were being used to help Lily.

After Dr. Miller was able to stop the blood loss, he let them know Lily would need another surgical procedure on her leg to correct the previous surgery. He also feared Lily may have MRSA (a serious bacterial infection affecting the blood stream that can lead to death if not quickly treated with strong antibiotics).

Dr. Miller then preformed the second surgery and poor Lily was down to about 4 lbs (very small for her size). She was also immediately started on antibiotics.

It was touch and go but Dr. Miller and the BRVC team never gave up. After hours of surgery and a few days in recovery, Lily's body responded well to the procedure and antibiotics!

Just a few months later, Lily is almost 9 lbs, running outside, loving life (and Dr. Miller) and is happy to live an active life with as a newly adopted pet to Ms. Price! Lily and her family couldn't be more thankful to the BRVC team and Dr. Miller. Without them, Lily wouldn't be able to "run like the wind!" as she does today.

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