Age: 4 years
Breed: Pug

​​​​​​​Diagnosis: C-section / Puppy Evaluations

Lola is a lovely little Pug whose family decided it was time breed through artificial insemination. After her initial ultrasound exam, progesterone testing and ovulation timing, Dr. Cain was able to scheduled a c-section date. One month later, Dr. Cain successfully delivered all seven puppies via c-section! The ability to accurately schedule a c-section date ensures the puppies are delivered healthy and without the potential complications of a natural delivery. Today Lola is doing well and her puppies have been placed in pet and show homes.

Lola was closely monitored by Dr. Cain from the time of her initial exam to delivery. Dr. Cain also provided veterinary evaluation exams when the puppies were six weeks old. Veterinary evaluation exams include a physical exam and a thorough report detailing the puppy's weight, health, physical condition, treatments given, vaccinations and microchip information. These reports provide invaluable information for the breeder, and for the new owners when selecting a puppy for adoption.

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