Age: 4
Breed: Domestic Shorthair

​​​​​​​On the night before Christmas Eve, Mayday, a big black cat (with an even bigger personality) was rushed to Bishop Ranch Veterinary Center to have his eye checked. For his family, the preceding year had meant multiple visits to the Animal Eye Care Center to treat him for dangerously high pressure within his right eye, the cause of which was still unknown. Sadly, despite everyone's dedication and best efforts, by the day before Christmas Eve Mayday's eye had painfully ruptured and was badly infected. For Mayday's family, already having other big and unexpected hardships that Christmas season, the news was devastating - Mayday would need to have his eye surgically removed, in a procedure called enucleation. The staff at Bishop Ranch worked hard alongside Mayday's family to try to find an affordable treatment strategy, but funds for even a portion of his surgery could not be found. His family was heartbroken, and things were seeming grim for Mayday - that is, until we contacted the rescue group Just Like New. They immediately agreed to provide the necessary funds for Mayday to get his life-saving surgery. We took him to surgery that very night, and his painful eye was removed. By Christmas Eve, he was back on his feet, pain-free, and with a new lease on life. Thanks to Just Like New, Mayday received the Christmas miracle he needed, and he was able to spend the remainder of the holiday season in good health at home with his family!

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