Age: 9 months
Breed: Domestic Shorthair

This outstanding orange tabby is Phyllis. Thanks to the amazing people at Just Like New/Paws in Need Foundation and the staff at Bishop Ranch Veterinary Center and at Feline Medical Center, she is alive and thriving! In the beginning of March, Phyllis' owner came home to find a pile of vomit that had over 5 tops of baby bottle nipples she had chewed off. She had also become very listless and lethargic, continued to vomit, and had no appetite. The doctors that she was originally taken to took an x-ray of her abdomen and saw that there was an obstruction in her gastrointestinal tract that needed to be removed immediately. Unfortunately, her family could not afford the surgery but was able to get in contact with the Just Like New/Paws In Need Foundation, who contacted the staff at Bishop Ranch to continue to provide the necessary medical care for Phyllis.

Once at Bishop Ranch, Dr. Sagy confirmed through more x-rays and an abdominal ultrasound that the obstruction had not passed and prepared her for surgery. After her surgery and spending a few nights at Bishop Ranch, Phyllis went back home to continue her recovery. Unfortunately, Phyllis' family could not keep her away from chewing on baby bottle nipples or pacifiers and she took another trip to Bishop Ranch because she had eaten another bottle nipple!

Her family knew to give her a chance to live a long life in a more kitten-friendly environment, they surrendered her to Just Like New/Paws In Need Foundation. Once she was surrendered to JLN/PIN, Phyllis went to FMC to be examined for a possible second foreign body surgery. Sure enough, Dr. Utchen confirmed another bottle nipple had been eaten and Phyllis went in for another intensive surgery at only 9 months old! This time Dr. Winson at BRVC went into surgery to remove the foreign body. For this round of recovery, Phyllis went to FMC.

​​​​​​​It was at FMC that one of the technicians, Scott, fell in love with this little tabby girl. After spending a few days in the boarding condos aat FMC, Scott decided to do a weekend trial run and see how Phyllis would do living with him. Once at home with Scott, she quickly became part of the family and got along well with her new roommates, including 3 other cats, one dog, and 3 skinks lizards. Luckily for this little girl her time waiting for her fur-ever home did not take long!

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