Topper & Brumby Kennedy

Breed: Guinea Pigs
Diagnosis: Bladder stones

Brumby and Topper, two guinea pigs, didn't realize how lucky they were when they were rescued by Deb Kennedy. Many people don't understand their charm, but guinea pigs have distinct personalities and behaviors that make them wonderful, entertaining pets. Deb is a dedicated owner and provided them with a large enclosure, lots to eat, and everything they could possibly need.

One day, however, Topper started squealing randomly as if he was in pain. Examination and ultrasound revealed a stone in his urinary bladder, which was causing difficulty urinating and discomfort. Topper was taken to surgery that day and the stone was removed. Overnight hospitalization and good nursing care at home led to a full recovery. Maybe he resented the special attention that Topper received during his convalescence, because not to be outdone, almost exactly a year later, Brumby developed bloody urine and squealing. His exam and ultrasound revealed the same problem, a stone in his bladder. Just like his brother, he went to surgery, had the stone removed, and made a full recovery.

Guinea pigs have unique anatomy and require some special husbandry and medical care, but their health problems can be the same as dogs and cats. While specialized treatment and technique can be required for their veterinary care, they can make full recoveries through major illness and surgery, as shown TWICE, by Deb Kennedy, Brumby, and Topper.

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