Age: 4 months
Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Diagnosis: Three broken legs, amputation

Tristan, a 4 month old kitten, used up nearly all of his nine lives in a very short period. The stray kitten that was rescued from the Contra Costa Animal Services in Martinez by Safe Cat Foundation had three broken legs when he came into the shelter. Thought to have been hit by a car, this kitten suffered a broken leg in the front as well as both back legs. After numerous surgeries Tristan's rear leg was amputated as his injuries were too severe. Doing well and even walking without his back leg, Tristan went back into foster care. While recovering, post operative complications led to Tristan bleeding out from his neck.

The foster immediately rushed him to the hospital for emergency care. Tristan had lost so much blood that he was nearly dead. A blood transfusion was his only hope and Tristan has Type-B blood, which is extremely rare (97% - 99% of cats are type A). Fortunately, Vinnie, part of Bishop Ranch Veterinary Center's Blood Donor program was a match and was rushed to the hospital to give blood. Type-B blood is extremely rare and is usually only found in exotic cats, it is even more uncommon that both Vinnie, a domestic orange tabby, and Tristan, a Russian Blue, were both Type-B.

Today, Tristan is doing well and living a happy and healthy life with his new permanent home. His owners have renamed him Zim-Lindiwe (aka Zim) which means "we have waited for you" in Zulu.

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